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Our Professional Services, Policies and Protocols

     Savvy travelers recognize the importance of having an insider in the travel industry taking care of them and their vacation, business, and  honeymoon arrangements, and destination wedding, special interest, girls/guys getaways and other fabulous group trips.  Your Coyaba Travel Advisor is a well-seasoned professional who will cover all the bases to ensure that your travel plans go as smoothly and hassle-free as possible.  This is accomplished from years of experience in the travel, hospitality and tourism industries, partnering with reputable suppliers, and drawing on the personal relationships and strategic alliances built over decades of globetrotting.

     Your initial consultation with us is complimentary and presents the optimal opportunity for us to get to know you and your preferences.      Much like an accomplished concierge at a fine hotel, skilled Coyaba Travel Advisors are eager to understand your passions, wants and needs; will note your special interests and fascinations; determine your travel style; and aspire to match you with the ideal trip components while helping you dodge any misadventures that might cross your path during your journey.

     Not only will we consider every detail of your itinerary, your Coyaba Travel Advisor will also be there for you during your trip in the event of unexpected challenges or changes in plans that require our assistance.  We will also manage the cancellation of airline tickets, cruises, accommodations as needed.  Rest assured, we will be waiting anxiously to hear all about your memorable trip upon your return! 

     Please be aware that airlines, hotels, resorts and villas (especially the smaller, intimate accommodations), transportation, sightseeing and other excursions may not compensate us for your business.  We choose them because they are in the best interests for our clients.  Coyaba Travel's travel planning and management fees value the time spent, recognize our level of expertise, honor the relationships we have with reputable suppliers, and offset communication and other costs at the front end.  

     We sell the world and will expend a considerable effort to research and arrive at the most advantageous options and an itinerary that meets your criteria, and look forward to helping you plan your next great adventure!

Research, Planning
and Booking

     We will be delighted to meet with you in person, on the telephone or via video conference to discuss your travel plans.  Following this initial, complimentary consultation, we will require a nonrefundable travel planning and management fee of $247 and endorsement by the client of a travel services agreement to initiate the research, planning and eventual booking of the various components of your trip which will be followed by our recommendations. 


     For more detailed excursions, please refer to the information entitled Custom Itineraries and Private Tours.

Airline Tickets

     When a client asks us to book their airline tickets, we search for the best fares, most convenient gateways, etc., often through travel industry portals not available to consumers.  There are important considerations such as legal connecting times at each airport - something which is not shared by the airlines yet is key when your travel plans are not nonstop.

     The following charges will apply for the booking of airline tickets:

  • Domestic airline tickets that are part of a package that includes accommodations and other services:  $25 per ticket.

  • International airline tickets that are part of a package that includes accommodations and other services:  $50 per ticket.

  • Domestic airline tickets not part of a package:  $50 per ticket.

  • International airline tickets not part of a package:  $75 per ticket.

Coyaba Club Group Tours

     Coyaba Travel Advisors are pros at mastering custom group tours.  Our Coyaba Club Group Tours are generally adults-only, all-inclusive excursions that are offered several times per year.  They feature accommodations, cruises, meals, sightseeing and other memorable activities that we know our clients will enjoy. 

     Our Coyaba Club Group Tours are created to introduce a destination and highlight its attributes while providing ample opportunity for personal discovery and plenty of rest and relaxation.    

Custom Itineraries
and Private Tours

     Private Tours are very popular with many of our clients.  These specialized programs often include intimate, hand-picked accommodations, local attractions, and service providers that we know from our familiarity of the destination and first-hand experience.  Following an initial, complimentary consultation, we will require a  nonrefundable travel management fee of $247 and endorsement by the client of a travel services agreement to start the research, planning and booking process.  Based on the information you provide us, we will present a complete package that will include the components you requested and approved.  A 15% service charge will apply on the final package total.

Group Research and Planning

     We have decades of experience providing unforgettable excursions for our clients.  Whether the plans call for a business meeting, incentive program, destination wedding, family reunion or other group trip, your Coyaba Travel Advisor has the know-how to put all the pieces - and people - together in one place.  

     Depending on the circumstances (size of group, itinerary et al), our travel planning and management fee may run from a minimum of $500 to $1,500.  Endorsement by the client of a travel services agreement.  The cost of our services may be a percentage of the total trip or an hourly rate to be determined following the initial, complimentary consultation.


     Sometimes occasions arise where the client finds it necessary to cancel his/her trip.  We will contact the airline, cruise line, hotel, resort, and other service provider(s) and advise of the change in your travel status on your behalf.  Any refund or other consideration (such as applying supplier payments to a future booking) is, of course, at the discretion of that supplier.  Our service charges for cancellations follow:

  • Airline tickets:  $25 per ticket

  • Cruises:  $100 per stateroom

  • Hotels/Resorts:  $100 per room

  • Villas/Condominiums:  $100

  • Car Rentals:  $50

Colorful Bubbles

What Our Clients Say


Laura and Al

"We were extremely impressed with the accuracy with which Lori explained precisely the locations, accommodations, ambiance, food, local people and customs, the side trips she recommended , what to expect ... right down to the smallest details.  We honestly cannot think of a single thing that could have made our destination wedding and honeymoon in Jamaica more perfect and are recommending Coyaba Travel to everyone!"   

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