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Planning Travel for a Group?

     If you're the point person making travel plans for a group, then you've come to the right place for professional assistance!  Our Group Specialists have 40+ years of experience in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries designing exceptional group events.  Based on the type of event (business or leisure), destination, budget, participants' dynamics and interests, and listening to your specific requirements, we will offer suggestions that meet that criteria.


     Drawing from more than four decades of organizing and managing groups, our broad perspective will open your eyes to creative ideas that may never have crossed your mind.  Through our sister company, we are privileged to have access to private islands, exclusive villas and estates, distinguished boutique hotels, sumptuous inns, ocean and river cruise lines, and a host of extraordinary properties that we can reserve for our clients' celebration, affair, training or educational program or meeting.    



Let Us
Help You!

     Managing a group can be a daunting task.  We're here to make you look GOOD with the least amount of stress by assisting you with the destination choice, airline reservations, site selection, transfers, accommodations, dining options, sightseeing and other activities, and whatever else you need to meet your group's expectations.  As group masters, we will navigate through all the facets of making your event memorable for the participants, taking the burden off of you to ensure a seamless process for your:

  • Destination Wedding/Honeymoon

  • Elopement

  • Renewal of Vows

  • Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

  • Extended Family Vacation

  • Faith-Based Social Gathering

  • Wellness + Yoga Instruction

  • College or Class Reunion

  • Girls' and Guys' Get-Togethers

  • Special Interest Meetups (Culinary, Photography, Horticulture, History, Culture, Diving and Snorkeling, Private Aviation, Fishing, Boating, Tennis et al)


Just complete and submit the Group Travel Request below and let's get started!


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