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The Advantages and Benefits of Working With a Coyaba Travel Advisor

     You have your doctors, lawyers, accountants and financial advisors as part of your authorities and inner circle in your contacts, and you should have your Coyaba Travel Advisors there, too, for the very same reasons. 


     As noted in a 2023 Forbes article by consumer advocate Christopher Elliot, "You can have a safe, and stress-free travel experience as long as you find yourself a trusted Travel Advisor."  Speaking as a travel industry veteran who has worked for and/or with the airlines, hotels/resorts, villas/condominiums/apartments, tourist boards, and tour companies for many decades, and has enjoyed a priviledged seat on all sides of the table (that would be me, Coyaba Travel's owner), I couldn't agree more.  And here's why ...  

  • Time is money and your time has a value.  While you may be able to book the basics of a vacation on your own, you can't book what you don't know exists.  Through our professional associations and partnerships, Coyaba Travel Advisors have access to exclusive travel industry portals and receive special promotions, upgrades and other helpful information and benefits that the average traveler is not aware of and to which they cannot gain admittance.

  • Coyaba Travel Advisors have built strategic alliances with reputable companies (suppliers) that provide superior service to our clients.  Sadly, the travel industry is host to a plethora of scammers.  Most consumers - especially those making their important travel plans based on cost alone - would not know the difference.  We do.  

  • Coyaba Travel Advisors have gone through recessions, 9/11, COVID-19, harsh travel agency commission restructuring, the online travel revolution, and more.  We're still here and more invaluable to our clients than ever.  Just ask one of our many clients who booked a trip with us and received a refund from the airlines, cruise lines and accommodations due to the pandemic.

  • Coyaba Travel Advisors continually participate in travel industry association meetings, in-person and online seminars, trade shows and other educational opportunities that keep us abreast of industry trends, new offerings, and updates.  Coyaba Travel Advisors - when not spending countless hours obtaining refunds for our clients (for which we received no compensation) during COVID-19 - used the down time to earn training certifications.  We've taken our travel expertise and commitment to the next level, learning about countries, cities and even neighborhoods and their specific offerings and attractions.  Google can't compete with that.

  • Coyaba Travel Advisors routinely join suppliers on their familiarization programs (a/k/a fam trips) - at our time and cost - allowing us to become intimately acquainted with a wide variety of destinations, accommodations, cruises, sightseeing and other activities.  The knowledge we acquire from these off-site events is extremely beneficial in targeting the ideal matches for our clients, and make us better equipped to assist our clients in the rare event things should go awry during their trip.  These fam trips also help us to design more curated and personalized agendas for our clients - something a website cannot do.

      The role of Travel Advisor (formerly referred to as Travel Agent) has changed and evolved over the last few decades or so.  Your Coyaba Travel Advisor invests time getting to know clients on a deeper level, taking a more active role in trip planning and supplier selection, with more responsibility than ever before.  In addition to devoting a respectable amount of time and effort researching and booking flights, hotels/resorts, villas/condominiums/apartments, cruises, rental cars, rail, and tours, we also may assist with industry-related needs and issues such as passport and visa requirements, travel insurance, advance reservations (e.g. dinner, massage, golf), etc.. 

     As a whole, Travel Advisors are committed to providing a high level of service and are held to formidable industry standards and strict regulations.  Today's Travel Advisors work for their clients and with their hand-picked suppliers.  Yesterday's Travel Agents worked for the supplier and with the client.  Big difference.

   With the diminishing of compensation by suppliers, Travel Advisors generally work with their clients on a fee-based or service charge basis.  The main goal of a Travel Advisor is to make the travel planning process as stress-free as possible for their clients, while also helping them secure the most advantageous deals and accommodations to suit their needs and budget.


    So yes, we do charge professional fees that reflect the value of the unique services we lavish upon our clients as supported by the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), and the exemplary level of commitment we devote to our clients.

     There are several reasons why booking your vacation, group or other event through a Coyaba Travel Advisor is beneficial:  expertise, convenience, access to deals and discounts, personalized support, and a peace of mind.  You have the assurance that your trip plans are being handled by a professional who is tapped in to a whole different level of authentic travel experiences while looking out for your best interests.   


     You want a professional to assist you with important decisions, someone who carefully listens to you and understands your specific needs and wants - an expert whose recommendations you can trust.  Travel is extremely personal and subjective, an aspect of our busy lives that creates some of our most important lifetime memories.   Choosing an appropriate destination, selecting the ideal accommodations, being familiar with the ins and outs of air, motorcoach and rail travel (and there are important considerations), are best handled by someone "in the know".  And that's only the beginning.

     Your Coyaba Travel Advisors are part of the new breed of travel designers - formerly referred to as 'Travel Agents' but oh so different - who create extraordinary, memorable trips for our clients that they can't duplicate through OTAs or other online outlets or, quite frankly, by themselves. 

Here's why you should choose Coyaba Travel to play an instrumental role in your travel planning:

  • We are long-time members of CCRA Travel Commerce Network, a qualifying organization of travel experts that certifies us as industry professionals; provides continual educational opportunities to strengthen our knowledge of current events; paves a path to gain exclusive access to suppliers (air, hotel cruises, etc.) for special rates and promotions, upgrades and value-added benefits for our clients; helps to communicate effectively with our partners and colleagues; and abides by the rules of conduct and best practices to ensure that its members follow proper protocol in all business situations.

  • Members of our Team have earned the Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) designation - conferred upon travel professionals who have completed a rigorous, two-year program of study and examination similar to a Masters Degree.  CTCs will always be on the cutting edge of travel industry demands and trends, exemplifying the highest standards of professional knowledge and commitment.

  • Since 1982, we are current or have been former Board members or hold memberships or are supporters of leading travel industry associations - local (NY metro area), national and international - including but not limited to:

    • American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA, local U.S. and international chapters)​

    • New Jersey Travel Industry Professionals (TIPS)

    • Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO, local U.S. and international chapters)

    • Long Island Travel Agents Association (LITAA)

    • Travel Agents of Suffolk County (TASC)

    • 41-74 Club (a dynamic, philanthropic professional travel women's organization in NYC)

     We can think of no better example of the impact a Travel Advisor can have on your travel plans than what occurred during the COVID-19 outbreak when many of our valued clients were forced to postpone or cancel their vacations.  Coyaba Travel Advisors were the ones who worked tirelessly to get our clients's money refunded by the hotels, villa owners, cruise ship companies and airlines.  Sure, it took days or weeks in some cases ... but, as part of our stellar service, we did it, and without any compensation.  In fact, we suffered tremendous losses doling out refunds and losing future business.  But we always go that extra mile for our clients; they trust us and recognize our dedication to them, showing their appreciation through repeat business and recommending Coyaba Travel to their family and friends. 

     Let's be honest.  A consumer who is not working in our industry full-time as a career simply does not have the knowledge or experience that we do.  This is our livelihood.  We dedicate countless hours at trade shows, presentations, webinars, and other industry meetings with travel and hospitality Suppliers so that we can offer our clients the best possible options and value for their trips - from reputable companies.  We visit foreign and domestic locations, conduct site inspections at hotels, resorts, villas, cruise ships and other accommodations, all the time.  We are tapped into direct lines of communication with key executives in the business which often provides us with the ability to offer our clients upgrades and special services but, most importantly, in the rare event that there's ever a problem, we know who to call.  At the end of the day, it's all about relationships and after more than forty years in the travel and hospitality field, we know a lot of people!  

     In a world full of questionable online practices (a/k/a internet scams), we are proving time and time again that booking through a Coyaba Travel Advisor is the smartest, easiest, safest and most rewarding way to travel.  We create customized itineraries, recommend the best dining and sightseeing options, and build a vacation or manage a special event that is optimized for you and you alone.  We know the best time to travel to certain areas.  All within your budget.  

     Consider us your personal concierge and let us put together a wonderful itinerary for you.  Or join one of our Exclusive Group Tours.  Or let us share our expertise and contacts to help plan a memorable destination wedding, family reunion, special interest excursion, friends getaway, etc..  We're here to make it happen!  

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