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Why Work with a Travel Advisor?

The Benefits of Working With a Travel Advisor

     You have your doctors, lawyers, accountants, and other important authorities in your contacts, and you should have a travel advisor there, too, for the very same reasons.  You want a professional to assist you with important decisions, someone who carefully listens to you and understands your needs and wants - an experienced advisor whose recommendations you can trust.  Travel is extremely personal and subjective.  For starters, choosing an appropriate destination, selecting the ideal accommodations, knowing the ins and outs of air travel (and there are important considerations), are best handled by someone "in the know".

     We can think of no better example of the impact a travel advisor can have on your travel plans than what occurred during the COVID-19 outbreak when many of our valued clients were forced to cancel their vacations.  We were the ones who got their money refunded by the hotels, villa owners, cruise ship companies and airlines.  Sure, it took hours ... even days or weeks in some cases ... but we did it, and without any compensation.  In fact, we suffered tremendous losses doling out refunds and losing future business.  Because it's about stellar service; we always go that extra mile for our clients since we know they recognize our dedication to them and appreciate it. 

     Let's be honest.  A consumer who is not in our industry simply does not have the knowledge that we do.  This is our livelihood.  We spend countless hours at trade shows, presentations, and other meetings with Suppliers so that we can offer our clients the best possible options for their trips - from reputable companies.  We visit foreign and domestic locations, along with their hotels, resorts, villas, cruise lines and other accommodations, all the time.  We are tapped into direct lines of communication with key executives in the business so if there's ever a problem (which is rare), we know who to call.

     Let's face it, it's all about experience and relationships, and we are proud to have a plethora of both ... and more.  So what are you waiting for?  Give us a call.  


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