Any well-orchestrated group requires exceptional handling that only a seasoned Group Specialist can provide.  Travel  Advisors who sell Groups, like us, are a rare breed, indeed.  The many elements that go into planning a gathering that incorporates more than just two people should, without a doubt, be managed by an industry professional who has the know-how to oversee all the details that will result in a successful, memorable group event.

Our decades of experience in the hospitality and tourism arenas have provided us with the knowledge required to ask all the right questions and cover all the bases.  Whether it's a wedding in Jamaica (one of our team members oversaw 440 of them in 18 months at one resort), The Bahama Out Islands (we organized a wedding at a villa in Treasure Cay) or Lake George, New York (where one of us worked for a well-known resort, managing group business for almost three decades and another person in our office chartered a cruise ship for a wedding), nothing beats having relationships with key decision-makers to augment the skillset obtained from years of focusing on this particular facet of the travel market. 

Group Advisors are in high demand.  It is important to plan well in advance (at least a year, often two years) to ensure that all aspects of the trip - accommodations, transfers, airline or motorcoach seats, restaurants, sightseeing, etc. - are available for the number of people in the group.


While we plan group tours that we believe our clients will enjoy, we are always interested in working together with anyone who has inroads with church groups, school PTAs, clubs, animal and nature lovers, senior centers, retirement communities, and special interest organizations.  We encourage you to reach out to us to discuss your ideas and help put together a program that ideally addresses your group's interests and needs.


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