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Escorted Group Tours

          Throughout Lori's 40+ years in the travel, hospitality and tourism arena, she has had the good fortune to experience some of the world's most spectacular and intriguing places from the perspective of a "local" and not just a "tourist".  Love to discover, learn and explore?  In keeping with Coyaba Travel's objective to provide Tailor-Made Journeys for the Discerning Wayfarer, our exclusive Escorted Group Tours allow for a small bevy of savvy clients to delight in the highlights of a destination, drawing not only on Lori's familiarity but also tapping the relationships she has cultivated over the years with colleagues and residents who have become good friends. 


     As such, the distinguished accommodations, exceptional dining choices, fascinating sightseeing and other activities have been selected based on their significance to showcase the distinct personality of each country, island, city or area.  All the elements have been hand-picked to ensure an extraordinary, memorable adventure with plenty of R & R (yes, that means beach or hammock time!) tossed in.  Expert-lead groups are hosted by Lori and Mark, and limited in size.


     Our Escorted Group Trips provide a unique way to explore the world with like-minded travelers!  We take care of all the details ... from selecting interesting destinations based on our own personal travel to expertly crafting tours that maximize your experience by including off-the-beaten path activities and opportunities, local flavor plus fabulous cuisine.  Our thoughtfully designed itineraries combined with ample free time to explore on your own (or just chill) will            create memories to last a lifetime.  Working with respected local and knowledgeable colleagues, our clients can explore the globe with confidence, while taking in the authentic culture of each country, city or island.  Let us show you the world in a new way –Join us on an Escorted Group Trip today!

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